Strategic Communications

What makes communications “strategic”?

It’s when what you communicate and how you communicate connect directly to efforts to fulfill your organization’s high-level strategy.

Strategic communications involves every element of how you communicate with all of your stakeholders, both internal and external. This includes the style of your logo, the feel of your website, your social media presence, the tone and content of your press releases, internal communications and marketing collateral.

Got a plan?

Have you developed a terrific communications plan and put it on your shelf? Not to worry; give us a call. Let’s dust it off, see where you’re at and get the momentum flowing again towards the communications goals that will support your sales teams and help deliver even better service to your customers!

Need a plan?

Great! That’s what we do. We analyze your organization’s goals, identify the target audiences and develop strategies, tactics and measurable key performance indicators. Your customized Communications Plan will also come with an Implementation Plan so every member of your team will know who’s responsible for what and when they’ll deliver it. Your Customized Plan will be a very practical working document that your team can use at meetings and independently to ensure you’re collectively knocking your communications goals out of the park and reaching your organization’s mission-critical objectives.

We can meet with you for a one-hour review of your strategic communications plan, or help you craft one.

Here’s a snapshot of our process for developing your customized communications plan.

Give us a call today and let’s get to work!