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What is Miscommunication Costing You and Your Organization?

Whether a private corporation or a community not-for-profit, organizations are made up of their people. Colleagues working together harmoniously to implement systems and processes efficiently can mean greater productivity, a higher degree of safety and more satisfied and motivated people. When the lines of communication breakdown, for whatever reason, the consequences can be more serious than you suspect.

If safety is compromised by unclear instructions or miscommunication, accidents are more likely to happen and productivity will suffer. If your managers are not communicating clear expectations, teams may spend time moving in the wrong direction and your team’s morale will take a hit.

What about the Bottom Line?

Let’s have a look at some of the financial implications. A US survey cited by The Marlin Company indicates that small- to medium-sized companies (of approximately 100 employees) loose on average $420K each year due to miscommunication. Another study reported that 48% of employees often get confusing directions at work resulting in 40 minutes of lost productivity per employee, per day! What does it all mean for an organization’s bottom line? Well, brace yourself. The study showed that productivity losses caused by communication barriers amounted to, on average $26K per employee per year. Imagine putting that back into your bottom line.

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