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Decoding Personalities

Better Communication Styles and Improved Relationships 

Komaryk Communications workplace solutions in actionAutumn brings the end of summer fun and as nature gets ready to rest and restore for new spring beginnings, we celebrate the beginning of a new school year. I’m no longer enrolled as a student but I now teach at University Canada West and I still love that feeling of excitement in the fall that makes me want to start a new project or take a new course.

If you also feel that autumn energy and you want to channel it towards learning how to build more effective and satisfying relationships, at work and in your personal life, I invite you to consider a one day workshop I’ll be teaching at my alma mater, Royal Roads University on October 1. We’ll be studying communication styles to build greater awareness of our own style and of those of others. You will receive a comprehensive and entirely personalized analysis of your communication style along with customized strategies to help you overcome relationship roadblocks, work through conflict and get derailed relationships back on track!

communication styles workshop by a royal roads university alumni

Workshop Description:

Who are you…really? Solid research & interactive exercises will uncover deep truths about your personality type and communication style. Learn people-reading techniques & how to use them to build stronger relationships and avoid the high cost of miscommunication, conflict and turnover in the workplace. Enhance the quality of all your relationships.

Find out more and register here.